Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What My Skin Revealed About My Health!

Have you ever noticed how a simple cold can wreck havoc on your skin? The health of your skin takes a backseat when you are ill as your immune system works overtime to focus on healing your body.  Simply put, a  weak  body = malnourished skin!  

I suffered from a relentless cold the week prior to Thanksgiving and my skin is still recuperating.  The lack of  nutrition, hydration, sleep, and exercise left my skin (more noticeably my face) dull and dry.  I normally have combination skin, but noticed my entire face looked dry immediately after washing.  I mean EXTREMELY DRY!  I'd wash my face and before I could even put my moisturizer (Coconut Vanilla Oil) in the palm of my hand it was gray....EEEEK!

To combat the dryness I had to stray from my normal routine just a tad. The exfoliating twice per week and my usual facial mask with bentonite clay would only exasperate the condition of my face.  I continue to use my Liquid Black Soap daily to cleanse and have added a moisturizing facial mask (pics & recipe below) biweekly to rejuvenate my skin.  (lol....I have yet to master the art of selfies)

Glycerin, Milk & Turmeric Mask

*These measurements are approximate. If you'd prefer a thicker mask, use less glycerin.*

~2 tbs powdered milk  (rejuvenates, nourishes, moisturizes-contains lactic acid which is great for gently exfoliating & softening)
~1 tbs vegetable glycerin (humectant- seals in & attracts moisture to skin)
~1/4 tsp turmeric (antioxidant, nourishes skin *Turmeric does temporarily stain- you may want to use less if you have lighter skin.)

Combine all ingredients, apply to face, let dry (about 15-20 min), then rinse.  VOILA!

Those who are familiar with me or my product line know how much I appreciate simplicity.  These are ingredients I keep in my stash.  I challenge you to use ingredients you have on hand to create a mask suitable to your skin condition or skin type! Have questions???? Shoot me an email or post   
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