Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bye Bye Blooming Bouquet. Hello Vanilla Ylang!!!!!

So…….. I've decided to discontinue the ‘Blooming Bouquet’ scent in our product line and replace it with ‘Vanilla Ylang’.  This is actually the very first blend of oils I put together 7 years ago and it was a customer favorite!   If you’re of fan of sweet floral scents you’ll fall in love with Vanilla Ylang!
Vanilla Ylang Whipped Body Butter is available now and this new scent will be available in the Moisturizing Gift Sets and Bath Oils at the beginning of the year.   Get your Blooming Bouquet scented Moisturizing Gift Sets, Whipped Body Butter, and Bath Oils before they're gone! 

Speaking of being gone....I spent much of last week in my "lab" restocking items that we sold out of at back-to-back vendor shows! The top seller was the Coconut Vanilla Oil- not many people could resist the aroma once they sampled it ;) I had a ball and met lots of great customers and other vendors from all over Ohio!  We go to these shows to sell our products (DUH!!) but it's also a pleasure to support other local small businesses and crafters.

~~As a reminder~~ is open 24/7 for shopping.  Orders placed December 24-25 & January 1 will be shipped within 48 hours of the following business day.  To ensure delivery in time for the holidays, please place your order prior to December 15th.



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