Thursday, November 21, 2013

Reasons to Buy Handmade

Still looking for holiday gifts? Consider buying handmade this season (or any time for that matter)! Here's what inspires me to buy handmade......

#1  Inspiration.  When shopping for handmade items in person or online take a moment to get to know the crafter and the story behind the products you are purchasing. Chances are you'll be inspired by the reasons they decided to launch their business.  I know my face just lights up when someone is genuinely interested in how I got started (wanna know....).  

#2 Quality of products.  Speaking from personal experience, there is quite a bit of effort put into manufacturing handmade products to ensure customers are receiving the maximum benefit.  As an indie entrepreneur, one of my main goals is to produce a quality product with benefits that are uncommon from big box manufacturers.  Each ingredient I use has been researched and has a specific purpose.  No frills.  I believe in keeping my product line simple, yet effective.  

#3  Support Small Business.  Small businesses are the backbone of our economy locally and nationally. The money you spend is going directly back to the owner to support their family and community.  Most small business owners (myself included) use a portion of their profits and/or products to support local schools and organizations.  We realize the importance of giving back and serving the communities we live in.

#4  Customer Engagement. As crafters, we are passionate about what we create and relish opportunities to engage our customers! I love reading the reviews left by my customers and hearing about how the products helped them or their family.  Replying personally to emails, social media posts/inquiries, and including "thank you" notes with every purchase are ways I engage with my customers.  It is my pleasure to stop and talk to my customers.  How many business owners can actually say that?


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