Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ooooohhhh I know it's tempting, but DON'T DO IT!

That pimple is just begging to be popped, but DON'T DO IT!

Though it may be unsightly, popping that zit will do more harm to your skin.  For starters, if you pop that pimple, chances are you're going to cause the skin surrounding it to become inflamed from all the poking and prodding.  So instead of just one lone zit, you know have to try to conceal the swollen, irritated skin surrounding the blemish.  Even if you wash your hands and use sterile tweezers there's always the risk of infecting the area once the skin is broken.  Why risk that?

Discoloration and scaring are also nasty cons.  If you're lucky, it won't take too long for your skin to regain it's natural color and texture. Again, why risk it?

I prefer to be proactive rather than reactive.  Keep your skin clean, moisturized, eat better, and.....KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR FACE!

A tip to reduce the appearance and swelling of zits and to increase circulation is to rub ice (covered with some sort of cloth) over the area.  This approach is recommended because it's safe for all skin types, costs nothing, and it's simple. You know I'm all about simple!

Pimples are not the end of the world!  We all get them occasionally.  Don't freak out and cause more damage to your skin. You'll only cause more damage in the long run.




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