Wednesday, October 19, 2016

3 Ways We've Improved Our Revitalizing Facial Kit

If you follow me on instagram you've seen a couple of sneak peeks of some of the new items I've been working on.  One that was a top priority for me was to revamp our Revitalizing Facial Kit.

I wanted to quickly share 3 ways we've improved our Facial Kit:

  1. There are now 3 different options for clays to make our kits more beneficial for all skin types! Previously, the only option we offered was bentonite clay which tends to work best for normal to oily skin.  Rhassoul clay (for normal skin) and Rose Kaolin clay (for sensitive skin) are now available as well.  
  2. A bag of Herbal Steam is now included in every kit! The herbal blend of calendula, chamomile, lavender, red rose hips and rosemary help soothe the senses while the pores are being opened during your facial steam.  
  3. We've also made some changes in regards to packaging.  The outer box has been replaced to better accommodate all the items now contained in the Facial Kit.  Also, in our continued efforts to be eco-friendly, we've done away with the shrink wrap on the jars and use a simple label seal instead.  Also,  we've done away with the plastic mixing spoon and went with a gorgeous bamboo spoon.
Let me know whatcha think!


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