Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Here Comes the Cold! Is your skin prepared?

Temperatures are dropping, days are getting shorter and most of us will experience drier skin in the upcoming months.  I shared a few tips on instagram a few days ago  to help with this transition and wanted to give a bit more detail.

Hydrating from the inside out is VITAL in any season!  You'd be amazed at the wonders good ol' H20 work for your skin.  It's important to remember that your skin is the last part of your body to receive nourishment and it quickly becomes evident if you aren't properly hydrating yourself. Hydrated skin is supple and luminous while dehydrated skin is dull, flaky, and may also be itchy.

I'm sure you've heard all the suggestions of how much water you should consume - drink 8 cups a day, drink 1/2 your body weight, drink a gallon per day.  I suggest you do whatever works for you. Every body is different.  Personally, I've always drank lots of water, but my skin quickly tell on me on those rare days I don't get enough water.

Opting for a heavier moisturizer will help to seal moisture in your skin and prevent water loss.  In the summer a light oil may be just enough to keep  your skin moist throughout the day, but a heavier moisturizer in the fall and winter will offer a protective barrier against the harsh elements. In our household, we switch from Bath Oil to a shea butter based Whipped Body Butter during the fall and winter.

Exfoliating a couple times per week will help to shed dead and excessive skin cells to reveal the newer skin underneath. Shedding those cells will also increase the absorption of the products you are applying to your skin.  I'd recommend and oil based exfoliant that also hydrates like our Softening Body Polish with organic virgin coconut oil.

I'd also suggest protecting your skin from the sun and extreme temperatures by applying sunscreen and properly covering exposed areas.  Just because you don't feel the heat from the sun doesn't mean it's not damaging your skin.

Last thing....please, please, PLEASE, check the ingredient labels on  your soaps and body washes! They may list sulfates and other chemicals that are doing more damage to your skin and may be negating your efforts to heal, nourish, and hydrate.  Soaps and body washes should clean your skin-not strip them of their natural moisture.  If your skin feels tight, dry, and/or itchy after use GET RID OF IT!

Do you have more tips to share for transitioning skin care routines for cooler weather?  I'd love to hear them...just leave a comment below.



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