Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Yesterday was bittersweet as I picked up the remainder of my products in stock from Simply Vague Stores.  Bitter because I've decided to terminate my contract with their company, yet sweet because I know better opportunities await.

As I made the drive to pick up my inventory, I couldn't help but remember how nervous I was meeting the owners of the store and praying they were receptive my products nearly two years ago. I loved the store's design and the concept of featuring only Ohio made products by local artists.  The icing on the cake was that there was only one other company in the store (at that time) with similar products.  The feedback I received from the owners left me with an indescribable feeling of accomplishment and I couldn't wait to get Eva Jenae Naturals on their shelves!

After a year and a half Eva Jenae Naturals was on the shelves in three of the four Simply Vague locations, but I was not happy.  Though I learned a great deal and gained some amazingly loyal customers, I was not happy because the consignment arrangement was not the right fit for my company.  My products were now one of multiple skin and hair care lines on the shelves and the profits were simply not worth the 80 mile trip to restock.  So, the decision had to be made to terminate our contract and move on. 

I'll continue to keep moving forward and seek out wholesale opportunities throughout the country instead of just in the local area (go BIG or go HOME right???). I invite all those customers who purchased Eva Jenae Naturals from Simply Vague to shop at our website.  

Until next time....KEEP PUSHIN!



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