Friday, October 4, 2013

Find YOUR Skincare Routine!

The quest for the perfect facial products and routine plagues millions of women and men around the world! We are bombarded daily with commercials and overflowing aisles in the grocery store with products promising to end all of our skin woes.  Before getting caught up in the madness take some time to get to know your skin and the basics of tailoring your routine.

  • Know your skin type and be aware of skin issues (acne and allergies for example). Blindly buying skin products without knowing your skin type can be counterproductive and discouraging. 

    1.  Normal skin is not oily or dry and has an occasional blemish or outbreak.  Wash and moisturize twice daily, use a spot treatment for blemishes when necessary, and exfoliate once or twice per week.  
    2. Dry skin feels tight and may be flaky in some areas.  Due to a lack of hydration, dry skin may also look rough or bumpy.  Wash twice daily with a gentle cleanser that won't strip your skin followed by a deep penetrating moisturizer.  Exfoliate once per week with a gentle exfoliate if your skin can tolerate it.  
    3. Oily skin is more prone to blemishes and is visibly shiny.  Those with oily skin should wash twice per day to keep pores clear, exfoliate twice per week and use a very light moisturizer. Refrain from washing your face too frequently to remove oil!  This can actually cause your skin to produce more oil.  Once in the morning and then again at bedtime is enough.   
    4. Combination skin is just that- a combination of more than one skin type.  Your nose, forehead and chin are usually oily while the rest of your face is usually normal. Cleanse twice per day, exfoliate twice a week, and use a moisturizer suitable for both skin types.
  • Keep your hands out of your face & stop popping your pimples ! I know it's tempting, but our hands easily transfer blemish causing bacteria to our faces. The scar you'll leave is far more unsightly than the pimple. Use ice to subdue inflammation and apply apple cider vinegar or witch hazel to dry it up. 
  • Don't switch all your products at once! Introduce one new product into your regime at a time and allow your skin to adjust.  You won't know what is working/not working if you switch everything at the same time.
  • Be patient with your routine!  Once you know you have the right products give your skin a chance to respond to them.  It is not uncommon for your skin to react negatively at first, but this will subside once your skin adjusts to the new products.  
  • Your routine is YOUR routine! Don't try a product just because it worked for someone else. Your skin is unique and should not be compared to another individual's.  Do what works for your skin! 
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